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15 children’s books, 15 picture books, and 15 YA titles.

Select your books from any of the award lists in your textbooks or online sources: national awards from the American Library Association, National Book Awards, Boston Globe-Horn Book, LA Times, and other national awards.

Each entry will include:

·       cover art

·       bibliographic information: author, title, publisher, year,  including price and number of pages

·       link to author’s website, and to interviews with author, if available

·       links to reviews available online, if available

·       a reader’s annotation (15 words or less), designed to be used on a bookmark/booklist in order to intrigue or interest the reader

·       a summary, which outlines the plot and may or may not include the ending

·       an evaluation, which sums up your opinion on the book—your review of it (writing style, character authenticity, viability of the plot, believability, quality of the writing, reasons why it won the award(s) it did)

·       a rating scale based upon both popularity and quality  (Check out the Voice of Youth Advocates scale for popularity and quality as an example)

·       the genre and subgenre of the book

·       appeal factors

·       readalike titles or authors

·       awards won and lists appeared on

·       booktalking ideas, or how you might approach writing a booktalk on it (This doesn’t mean write a whole talk, but jot down ideas on what parts you might use in a talk.)

·       book discussion questions or ideas

·       why you chose it—as in why you were intrigued enough to pick it up.  (It looked interesting is NOT a sufficient reason, nor is that it was required or on a list.)  What hook drew you to the book?

·       any other information you consider relevant, such as names of characters or locations


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